By Casey Floerke


by Kacee Bones 

What can I say? It isn't every day I get a shipment of fly rods delivered right to my doorstep, actually its NEVER happened. Nonetheless, I was really excited. I personally had never even held a Hardy rod, but I was ready to give them an honest, thought out test . This wasn't a situation where I slap on a line with some reel I had laying around the house. This test took days, purchases of a couple different lines, switching reels for weight differences to expose the full potential of the rod. 

Fly fishing for red drum from a flats boat comes with so many different necessities. One, you have to be able to see the fish. Two, you have to be able to put a cast out to that fish within a matter of seconds before he figures out you're there. MOST IMPORTANTLY, you have to have the right equipment. A rod that is well balanced, one that loads well, and will allow you to shoot line without false casting multiple times. We are often faced with a situation where the fish swims just feet from the boat. So having a rod and line combo that works for short distance is just as important as all the other things combined. 

After spending a few days on the water and on the lawn with the 7wt Zephrus 4 piece, I found that this is rod is magical. Here is why, this rod caters to the more experienced caster, but it also caters to the novice as well.


When the rod is loaded correctly, with a proper haul it becomes a gun. You can  shoot lazer beams out into the water, one after another, with the ability for a quick pick up and shoot because of the light rod and reel combo, you can feel ALL of the rod. Which allowed me to think less about the rod and feel it instead. This frees up the mind to be able to make quick decisions without having to worry about consistency. It felt like a second nature to me. Which resulted in catching multiple fish. 


This rod is also great for the novice because of the stiffness and light weight. I feel it is much easier to load than a softer rod. The quick recovery time of this rod also helps greatly and is very forgiving and quick to correct minor casting mistakes such as not stopping the rod tip assertive enough during the forward and back strokes of the cast. 


This is genuinely a fantastic all around rod. It can be shared among the hands of your friends and clients no matter what their experience and has something to offer everyone who casts it.  

Highly Recommended Rod for everyone. 




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